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PEN/OutWrite | 22nd August 2018

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The Right to Read Female Writers | Leopoldo Brizuela

29th September 2015 |

“Reading women was a way of transforming our Homeric burdens of pain, hatred and violence into a new, and alternative, productive force” says the author of “Inglaterra. una fábula y de Una misma noche.”

Ever since I first started writing and, especially … Read More

Freedom of things to be Expressed | Mehran Rezaei & Babak Salimizadeh

15th May 2015 |

Illustration: Kajsa Nilsson

A phenomenological comment on Freedom of Expression, Case of Iranian ‘Queer’[1] Mehran Rezaei & Babak Salimizadeh

Introduction “One of those professors went to the class and told her students that homosexuality is a good thing…She is a sociologist… … Read More

Who We Are | Pablo Simonetti

15th May 2015 |

Illustration: Kajsa Nilsson

Read in Spanish here. Translated by Grainne Murphy

As I write, I feel a diversity of knowledge, bouyant forces, types of consciousness and layers of memory converge within me. In an attempt to define this state, I … Read More